Drinks trolley awesomeness

November 27 2013
by emma

bar trolley

I know they’re super hip right now, something I sort of pride myself on not being but .. I’ve always wanted a drinks trolley.  They’re so 70s awesome and well, handy if you think about it.  Australia is a very hard place to come by these pieces though (not sure why since most of us like a drink or two), and if you do find one, they come under the category of vintage so you have to part with an illogical amount of cash for what’s really a frivolous bit of furniture!

So I ended up buying a kitchen trolley from Freedom which Ant put together with a minimum of swearing (remember this story?  I had to laugh, I mean who can’t relate to that).  We left the wheels off because I didn’t really want those and I had the idea of painting it a rustic, off-white colour but … it’s so humid at the moment, I can’t face it so I might see how I feel later on.

We’re not massive drinkers or anything these days (not that I was a huge drinker before, just you know, a bit of a party girl), so mine has teacups and things as well.  And now we just need some proper alcohol to put on it instead of the old schnapps and liqueur stuff left over from years ago which we never use.

drinks trolleydrinks trolley

bar trolley

bar trolleybar trolley

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  1. I love it. I adore the idea of a drinks trolley. I’m not a big drinker either but I covet being super hip (haha). However, my drinks trolley would have to be the size of a Mack Truck as I have a MASSIVE drinks collection – another one of my obsessions. I bought a bottle of Lillet yesterday but have no idea what it tastes like or what to do with it – I just liked the bottle – oh dear!

  2. We have plans to make one of these when we finally have our own place! I am not a big drinker so I love the idea of teacups and maybe a tea chest on there too.
    Chris loves trying out new spirits and we would love to host cocktail parties for our friends so this would be awesome.
    And only slightly awkward as neither of us are hip, super or otherwise 🙂

  3. Wow! What a great way to display the drinks/stuff to go with it/books. Otherwise, you tend to just put all this nice stuff away, but I think it reminds you what you’ve got and creates a nice display!!!

    I haven’t commented in ages because I have been around! I’ve been working hard on my thesis on food systems (blarg!!! but still loving it) and working on Fair Food Brisbane shiz (looking forward to when this weekend is OVERRRRRRRRRRR and just looking at the photos).

    So I’m looking forward to catching up on all your fantastic posts and I’m loving the Christmas tree near the title of your blog!!!

    Also, going to Biome this week or early next week to slay (or sleigh?) some xmas shopping. Love that place and the story behind it.

    I’m staying in Cooparoo for awhile house sitting for my friend Carol, so if you are around we could grab a cold drink somewhere!

    Have a great end-of-week! 🙂

    1. So glad you like Biome!

      Hope your thesis goes well and thanks so much for your lovely comments, I’ve missed them 🙂

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