The Fairy Light Company (New Zealand)

September 12 2013
by emma

fairy light co
I love fairy lights.  To me, they’re not just about Christmas, I love having them on all the time and whenever I see a store or restaurant which has them, I’m immediately drawn to it.  So recently I purchased two sets of wire fairy lights from The Fairy Light Company, which I’ve taken photos of below, and I’m super happy with them.  They’re so pretty and sparkly and they make every day seem kind of a happy day.

I really recommend this sweet store; they ship worldwide, have heaps of different types of lights from flowers and butterflies, to outdoor lights, to lanterns and Christmas lights.  Their customer service is very good (around 7 days delivery from New Zealand to Australia) and are very reasonably priced so have a look if you’re in the market for something to brighten up your home (and kids love them!).

fairy lights fairy lights fairy lights

fairy lightsfairy lights

fairy lights fairy lights fairy lights


Top 5 images from The Fairy Light Company

* This isn’t a sponsored post or product review or anything, I just love how pretty the lights look happypic

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