Orange is the New Black

September 4 2013
by emma

Am loving this new Netflix show I’ve been lucky enough to see a few eps of; with great casting and writing, it encompasses darkly funny humour, characters I feel real empathy for and occasional scary moments in a low budget setting.

The plot has Piper, a young woman from an affluent background sentenced to prison for a crime committed in her past and also portrays stories within a story – the current day, prison and the past, where each character’s journey began before being jailed for their respective crimes.  Once thrown out of her comfortable, well ordered world and into the reality of prison, Piper’s so out of her depth you just know she’s going to crack eventually.

Saying good-bye to Breaking Bad and Dexter will make me a bit sad so I’m glad to have a great new show to watch.  This isn’t a family show; there are scenes which might offend or be a bit confronting (I’m not easily offended but it’s a fair warning) but taking all that out of the equation, it’s mostly a show about a bunch of really different women and how they relate to their peers, other women, and their superiors, often men, in a challenging communal setting with negative life experiences behind them.  The show’s cast really resonates with me in that way that imperfect yet likeable and plucky characters often do.

Can’t wait to see the rest of it (if only Australia would hurry up and get their act together re: screening new shows ..), with our luck we won’t get to see season 1 until next year.

Orange is the New Black orange is the new black

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  1. Holy fondue, yes. I had wondered if you had watched it when you linked to the Regina song!!! This show is so clever. I love how they tease you with back stories of characters and don’t complete them and I love how the casting. None of those plastic-surgery-scary looking people, but real people who can do serious and do comedy. Anyway, I can rave all day.

    1. Oops! Commented before the page had finished loading, so I didn’t know you had written about it! This sums it up ” imperfect yet likeable” perfectly!

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