Fair Food Week 19-25 August 2013

August 10 2013
by emma

fair food week

Garden Dinner Society from Jess Jackson on Vimeo.

Hope from Hope in the World told me about Fair Food Week recently, an event organised by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, an Australian not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to cooperate with, and to create an equitable, sustainable, delicious and resilient food system for all Australians.  The folks working for these organisations and events do such great work and it would be wonderful for them to receive as much support and publicity that you can give, so please pass this on via social networking to generate interest in your local area.

This is also something we all need to think about, in terms of supporting local businesses, growers and producers (both present and future) and for the health of our flora and fauna as well as us humans and the next generation.  There will be so many interesting and creative ideas to learn from Fair Food Week, whichever walk of life you hail from, and will include forums, food fairs, workshops, films, speakers and farm tours (including so much more), so check the website for events and times appropriate to where you live.  Some of these events would be great to take kids along to as well, so they can learn early on how important this all is.

I really hope to attend at least one or more of these activities and events in Brisbane, which include:

Garden Dinner Society – pop up fine dining at Jane St Community Garden and Inspiration Garden
Our Food Futures – catalyst event for creative solutions
Fair Food Leadership Course
BNE Postgrad/ECR Fair Food network
Urban Agriculture Forum
Bulk buyers/ food coop Troubleshooting
Guerilla Gardening and Street Art

Working towards a fairer, more sustainable and more resilient food system.

(Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance)


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  1. I completely agree with you Emma: we need to focus energy on creating a sustainable food future right here in our own backyard. We are blessed with great land for farming, a population that isn’t in excess of the food we can reasonably grow, and a strong tradition of living from the land. We need to put serious thought into how we are going to be self-reliant into the future. How we are going to give back to the land and learn to live in harmony with the seasons and the capabilities of sustainable production. And it’s not only the big things but the small too: growing your own herbs and tomatoes, shopping at a farmer’s market, seeking out your local farms (I have a strawberry farm 10 minutes from my house – so lucky), and not being afraid to ask questions about how/why/when your food was grown.

  2. Thanks so much for this exciting post, Emma! I really appreciate your support for Fair Food Week, as well as your seasonal recipes!!! It’s a buzz seeing our photos on your beautiful blog!

  3. Totally agree Amy that we can all start small, thanks so much for your wonderful comment 🙂

    No worries Hope, happy to support such great organisations and work!

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