Eat more purple

July 4 2013
by emma

One of the best things about autumn/winter is that we get to eat purple vegies and I do love purple food.  Not only are they super healthy (the experts say we should eat more purple/blue hued fruit and vegetables), they’re also fun to eat, as randomly coloured things usually are.  The other day I thought I’d use up left over mashed purple sweet potato/white potato and cooked purple cabbage (with a bit of seasoning and chilli flakes added) to make potato cakes sautéed in butter, topped with sliced avocado and a soft boiled egg.  As you do.

The colour spun me out but it was delicious.  Purple sweet potato has a more subtle flavour than the orange variety, is white skinned and sort of tie-dyed in the middle.  So if you see any of them hanging about in your local grocers, I recommend them!


purple breakfast

purple sw potatopurple sw potato

purple breakfast

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  1. Oh deliciousness. I love purple food too – especially beetroot! I did once overload the families’ plates with purple food at dinner one night: purple potatoes (so fluffy inside), roasted purple carrots, and beetroot. They were’t very happy, but I thought it was delicious and a little silly – who wants to be a grown-up all the time anyway? 🙂

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