Happy Friday

June 28 2013
by emma

I like to drinks lots of tea, and sometimes a coffee or two.  And occasionally I take photos of them.

Oh also, some housekeeping things:

Google Reader is leaving us on Monday so I thought I’d remind people to head on over to Bloglovin’ if you’d like to keep following me, as well as the other ways of following in my sidebar.  There’s also a new application called Feedly if you want to give that a go, I haven’t had time to check it out myself though.

So have a great weekend!cups of tea collage

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  1. …..I like your mindset …..will be needing all that over the weekend as we unpack in our new home…. 🙂

  2. I use feedly! Haven’t quite played around with it enough, but it seems very user-friendly, and a bit easier than google reader. I just click on a feedly button and it saves it to the feed, and I can use the application across my phone, e-reader and any computer I’m on!

  3. Pretty pretty pictures 🙂
    I can’t seem to stop drinking tea at the moment. There is nothing more warming on these chilly winter days. My favourite though, is when Mum and I share a pot of an exciting new blend on a Sunday morning, read the papers, and enjoy a slow start to the day.
    Stay warm this weekend!

  4. Happy weekend! I love a good cuppa — especially when it’s served in a pretty teacup. You have a lovely collection!

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