Well it’s Friday

January 11 2013
by emma

It’s been a long week; bush fires all over, the thought of so much devastating loss and yet more reports that one of my favourite towns near where I grew up has become party central for idiots, ruining so many happy memories for me.  It seems Byron Bay is a victim of it’s own success, it doesn’t seem even remotely like the friendly, family oriented, surfer town that I once knew.  It’s times like this I’d normally say I’m moving to Hobart for a sea change but well, we all know what’s happening in Tasmania at the moment.  Such a bad start to the year.

Although I’m cheered up by:

this story of a kind lady in Tasmania
pretty Provençal decorating
these cute and whimsical cups
double trouble with Simon’s cat – this is so cute and funny!

So there’s that.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend though!  I’ll be keeping an eye on my poor dried out plants who are just aching for some rainy goodness, probably eating heaps of ice cream and hopefully seeing Life of Pi.

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  1. The fires really are terrible.
    I spent the weekend visiting Melbourne, watering plants and watching the life of Pi! Surprised by how good the adaptation to film was.
    Let’s hope there’s a little rain soon.

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