Link love and Christmas ideas

November 28 2012
by emma

Well, in continuing the Christmas theme …. here are a few sweet links for you or your loved ones:

1. a funky, retro cushion which would look gorgeous on a light coloured lounge (via)
2. a fairy pink star bubble bath wand (via)
3. Christmas lollipop (via)
4. a cookbook from our very own queen of cooking with classic, easy to use dessert recipes (via)
5. a delightful and fun movie for both little and big kids alike (especially those of us who grew up in the 80s with E.T.) (via)
6. a light and lovely abstract painting (via)
7. a pretty blue towel perfect for lying around a sun dappled park or beach (via)

8. cruelty free vegan nail polish of the sweetest colour, Lady Muck (yes! Butter London is completely ethical and made with no nasties) (via)

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