October 2 2012
by emma

I went for a wander just before twilight the other day.  Am sad because we haven’t had any rain for ages which has really held back our Spring and it all looks a bit dry instead of nice and lush.  Also, my two favourite trees which bloom blushing pink blossoms every spring have been cut back to make way for a new, really unappealing block of units just around the corner and look a bit bare, poor trees!  Not to mention the nice old house which was torn down for the land.  Sometimes I really despair at how we as people are so destructive and disrespectful.

Still, I spotted some sweet things which cheered me up a bit.  There’s nothing quite like the golden hour is there?  Such a short window of opportunity to take pictures but it makes everything look lovely.

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  1. Oh, golden! Lovely! After a dreary, dreary wet day here, I’d give a lot for a place as dry and sunny. But I hope your beautiful landscape gets some rain soon.

  2. Beautiful photos made all the more precious because of the fleeting beauty of both sunsets and blossoms. We have had a few hours of precious rain over the past week and it has given everything a little boost for spring; however, I can’t wait for the real rainy season to bring a little more verdant vivaciousness to our shores 🙂

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the comments about trees and older houses. It’s a wrenching feeling when someone cuts down (or in your case decreases) some of your favourite trees. I love old queenslanders, even the really, really ratty ones. Thanks for the Spring post!

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