Unforgettable Australian destinations

July 25 2012
by emma

Lately I’ve been checking out some images of incredible natural destinations right on my own doorstep (well not literally, I’m quite a long way away from these places but you know what I mean), which I’ve grown up knowing about but always take for granted.

I’m lucky enough to have travelled to quite a few of these places but have a long list I’ve still yet to see and/or return to.

Images from:

1.  Goldfields Tourism
2.  Adventures Today
3.  Australia for Everyone
4.  Southern Skies Flickr
5.  Think Tasmania
6. & 7.  Taken by me
8.  Cuba Gallery Flickr

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  1. Wow, the natural beauty and variations in landscape are stunning. A friend is leaving for Australia tomorrow and we’ve been discussing all the things she’ll do at home. I can’t wait to visit one day!

  2. I am the same way! I live in Brisbane, and although I’ve done a little travelling around Australia I keep stumbling across new and exciting places that I have yet to explore. Next year I have promised myself that instead of going overseas I am going to have adventures here in my own backyard – starting with a trip to Tasmania in January!

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