Happy Wednesday and make me a sandwich

June 20 2012
by emma

Happy middle of the week and … here’s an awesomely crunchy, creamy, zesty and simple sandwich to keep you going.

For future reference – tiger bread shall forthwith be known as giraffe bread.  That is all.

Club sandwich:

Tiger bread, toasted and buttered
Ranch dressing
Left over spicy avocado dip
Take-away barbecued chicken breast
Fresh avocado, sliced thinly
Lean, oven roasted bacon
Lettuce, sliced vine ripened tomato (optional for the summer months)


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  1. Emma, I just love how you stacked this yummy sandwich, and piled it so high! We do not have tiger/giraffe bread here, but I did see it on Pinterest that someone made it…so cool!

    Love the ingredients you combined, and also the photos…I’m so, pinning this! Have a wonderful middle of the week:D

  2. That looks like Dutch crunch bread… so funny how there are different names for things depending on where you live! I do believe I like the giraffe bread moniker the best! That sandwich looks amazing!!

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