New Girl

May 11 2012
by emma

Well, this series just sort of snuck up and grew on me.  I watched the last ep this week and I miss it already; it’s adorable, funny and I love everyone in it.  It seems shows about share houses are the best ones (think Friends, Man about the House, This Life and The Young Ones).

Have a great weekend all.

Image/promotion still from the TV series New Girl, 2011, USA, 20th Century Fox

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  1. I love this show!!! I was hooked after watching the chicken dance episode (just google it :-))
    Thanks also for your kind words on my blog, it was very sweet!

  2. I am obsessed with Zooey!! She is so adorable and seems just like a girl you’d want to be friends with! The show is so cute too!

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