Weekend lunch – crusty bread with oven roasted cherry tomatoes, chorizo and avocado

October 26 2011
by emma

I loved the ease of just throwing this together on the weekend with ingredients I already had.

It was fresh and really tasty with only a handful of delicious things needed.  Served with hunks of crusty baguette, no dainty manners required.  Here’s how I went about it.

Halved cherry tomatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground sea salt and black pepper and slow roasted; saute thinly sliced chorizo in small pan until crisp; peel and slice a medium avocado; add freshly ground black pepper.

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  1. Cherry tomatoes are a delight! This is perfect for a family picnic. Or you can also tickle your husband by being sweet and bring lunch over to the office. I bet he will love you even more! Great post!

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