Movie review – Let the Right One In

October 13 2010
by emma

I was watching the At the movies tonight and they reviewed the remake of the Swedish 2008 movie (adaptation from the novel) Let the Right One In, called Let Me In.  It made me think of the original which I saw a few months back, at the height of vampire mania; True Blood, the Twilight saga movies etc, and thought how absolutely brilliant it was.

Although the remake doesn’t look too bad, I couldn’t bring myself to see it; firstly because I don’t see the point in doing remakes when there’s a perfectly good original to see and secondly, because I loved the original movie so much it would be a massive let down.  It’s not often I love a movie these days, I might enjoy them, or like them but to really remember a movie so long after I’ve seen it is unusual.

The movie focuses on two 12 year old children in Stockholm in the 1980s; a female vampire who is befriended by a young boy who is her neighbour in the block of flats they live in.  The movie is cold, dark and very still at times which adds to the atmosphere without being cliched.  There are added storylines surrounding the close relationship between the two; a police investigation surrounding several local murders by a serial killer as well as the boy’s problems with school yard bullies.

I’m not being a movie snob about True Blood or Twilight (nothing wrong with some sexy vampires after all) but Let the Right One In struck me as how it would be if there were vampires; they would be lonely, isolated, and desperate for companionship.  It focuses on the relationship between the two leads, without concentrating too much on the horror component although it’s definitely there, in a darkly quiet way.

One thing I appreciate about European movies is that they show just enough, without being overt or using blatant images, then leave the rest up to your imagination.  I’ve always thought a person’s imagination is the scariest thing of all and there were images in this movie which stayed with me for a long time.

I would like to recommend this movie but have to warn it does push boundaries somewhat and is rated R.  Although it’s not blatant, the subject material and images might disturb some people.

Movie poster image of: Let the Right One In, 2008, Sweden, EFTI

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  1. OMG my fiance made me watch let the right one in on the weekend. I didn't understand the title for a start & I found it really bizzare to be empathising with a possible psycopath + a tweenage vampire.The weirdest bit was when he peeked on her changing clothes. I don't know. I am not exactly a rom com girl but this movie was a bit dark for me.

  2. I've wondered about the title – maybe it refers to allowing the vampire into your life (don't you have to invite them into your home?). Or it could refer to the vampire letting the right person into her life. It is really dark, and definitely not for everyone.

  3. hi emma. i absolutely LOVED the original and was lucky enough to watch it and then hear the director's take on it all (live question and answer type thing) He was a little taken aback himself that Hollywood had wanted to remake it. In my mind – why re-do what is already perfect? and it looks like they have copied the same style of it anyway. all the same i will still go and see it. probably for these reasons. and also for the australian boys lead performance. The book is supposed to be sensational.

  4. Hi Jasmin, I've wanted to read the book for a while. Interesting to hear what the director said too. Unfortunately Hollywood always wants to re-do movies! Even though I won't see the remake, it does actually look decent. As David on the Movie Show said, remakes are getting better and yeah, good to see an australian in the lead role.

  5. You know, I'd say that this genre isn't my thing, but I realize I've been watching lots of True Blood lately and am no longer averse to all things creepy! Thanks for piquing my interest, as I know I'll be headed to the movie theater this weekend. 🙂

  6. Although I used to love movies, and books – I never seem to have any (or little) time lately. (Meaning after The Little Riding Hood entered our lives.) What I do have time for is audiobooks, and I have listened to this book; which is simply outstanding. Thank you for visiting; have a lovely weekend!

  7. I am not very into the vampire thing but your review makes it sound interesting- Just glancing over your books and film reviews I can see we have similar taste so I will trust you- although we have only met-Hello- my name is Ren- Nice to meet you and lovely blog!

  8. Hi Ren – nice to meet you also, thank you for the kind words :)Am checking out your blog now, love the photos, design and art. I think I'll be there a while!

  9. hi again.i saw this film last was great but not as good or as subtle as the original.a real copy though – often the same shots and dialogue, sets, everything – with extra horror thrown in – more explicit – more hollywood i suppose.the two kids were fantastic but performances were more natural in some swedish scando way in the first film.still – i cant stop thinking about the 2nd one now i have two of the same but different worlds/characters in my i really need to find the book.and then need time to read it.summer holiday reading perhaps.

  10. Hi Jasmin, thanks for checking back! You've said what I suspected I guess – the remake is perfectly executed but not a lot of originality. On the subject of the book, I would like to read it also.

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